Our services are limited to deliver the food you have ordered online We shall collect the payment online or as COD as the case may be

The menu provided by the restaurant is being followed and published on our site We shall not be responsible for any change or cancellation or unavailability of items by the restaurant

The delivery locations as mentioned on our site cannot be extended beyond

We shall endeavour to deliver the items as agreed upon. However, the delivery time indicated is approximate and may vary depending on the situations. In such case no compensation or refund is possible

Our liability ends once your order has been delivered to you

We do not endorse or promote any particular restaurant

We do not offer any refunds for goods already purchased from the Services unless an error that is directly attributable to us has occurred during the purchase of such product or services

We reserve the right to suspend or withdraw access to the Services to you personally, or to all users temporarily or permanently at any time without notice


We shall not be held responsible for the non-operation of certain functions during up-gradation of services nor of the vagaries of the electronic media. We shall not be held liable for subsequent damages.

Our services are governed by intellectual property act. Any copying without our explicit

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